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Some of the toughest, high-performance, and innovative power equipment in the industry is made by Husqvarna. Walker's Hardware & Lumber is an authorized Husqvarna dealer in Chelsea and Langley, Oklahoma. The mowers can take care of any size lawn, the blowers may yard cleanup quick, and the trimmers allow you to maintain a perfect shape to your landscaping. Walker's Hardware & Lumber  has a full selection of Husqvarna Power Equipment. 

Lawn Mower

Lawn Mowers

If you are looking for a mower that will cut your lawn will perfection and provide years of trouble-free operation, than look on further than a Husquvrna lawn mower. Walker's Hardware & Lumber has a wide selection of rider mowers and push powers from Husqvarna. The zero-turn technology of the Husqvarna riding lawn mowers will help you tackle the big lawns with ease. And the light weight, all wheel drive and easy push Husqvarna push mowers are the best option for every other yard out there. 

Walker's Hardware & Lumber offers great knowledge of these products before you buy, and all the service and expertise you need to help you through the life of your power equipment. 

Leaf Blowers and Lawn Care Trimmers

Husqvarna power equipment from Walker's Hardware & Lumber helps keep the exterior of your home looking good. We stock a variety of leaf blowers, trimmers, edgers, and hedge trimmers all for your usage level. Any easy way to put it, Husqvarna has built the right tool for a huge variety of jobs. 

DIYers can get trimmers and blowers that can take care of any project you throw at it, why the professionals can get the Husqvarna equipment from Walker's that will help with every job. Walker's Hardware & Lumber has the best selection of Husqvarna equipment in Oklahoma. 




The right chainsaw makes all the difference when cutting trees, limbs or brush away from your house. Walker's Hardware & Lumber has a great selection of Husqvarna chainsaws available 7 days a week. There are easy-to-use homeowner models to extra powerful, professional-level chainsaws. 

The reputation that Husqvarna has developed in the industry for chainsaws is durable, efficient, and a great value. The X-Torq engine technology gives the user more power while using less fuel. Husqvarna develops the top of the line chainsaw on the market, and Walker's Hardware & Lumber can get you one today. As our helpful staff which power equipment tool is right for you and your next project.

Push Mower

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